COVID Resources


The current pandemic has changes how we approach documentary production. Historically, most documentary producers have depended on face-to-face interviews to communicate their message. However, limiting face-to-face interactions is a necessary step to preventing the spread of Covid19. This page is intended to provide resources that will allow students and faculty to adapt interviews and other documentary production techniques in order to safely create new documentary work during a public health crisis.


1.  Remote Recording

We recommend using remote interview techniques to help prevent the spread of disease. Video conferencing software such as Zoom or recording software on your cellphone are valuable tools that allow you to complete remote interviews.  The links below provide more details about how to produce high quality remote interviews.


2. First Person Narrative

We also encourage students and faculty to use first person techniques to document their experience living, working, and studying during a pandemic. Writing, recording, and photographing your experience can provide valuable insight and create an interesting historic document.

Here are examples of first-person documentation created by students in English faculty member Susan Weinberg's Advanced Creative Writing Seminar during the spring semester for 2020.

Here is an example of first person photo essays created by students in Interdisciplinary Studies faculty member Beth Davison's Exploring the Documentary Form course in the Summer of 2020. 


3.  Capturing This Historic Moment

We are also gathering images on the Appalachian State University Campus during this time, feel free to contact us to share your images.


Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources about documentary production during a public health crisis